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Critical differences between the Ability Roundtable and other industry benchmarking activities include:

  • Focus on benchmarking for excellence at a service level

  • Fast turn-around from data submission to report delivery on our PowerBI platform

  • Five-stage data quality process to give confidence that differences in the data are real

  • Powerful analytics to allow members to identify drivers of difference in performance

  • Annual national, service-specific meetings to discuss benchmarking results, problem-solve on common issues and share best practice examples. These meetings also provide access to innovations outside the sector and direct engagement with policy makers.

  • Promotion of interstate collaboration

  • Strong service-specific communities of practice to ensure fast uptake of innovations and emerging best practice

  • Support for new members to align their data systems with the national datasets and to ensure they understand data requirements

  • Comprehensive data dictionaries

  • Ongoing, active engagement with members to improve datasets

  • Strategic engagement with NDIA to ensure datasets are NDIS-ready and future-proofed

  • Regular publication of white papers to support the sector, the NDIA and other government bodies


Annual fees apply for each service improvement roundtable.


Members choose the roundtables in which they participate.

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