Established in 2013, the Ability Roundtable fosters innovation and service improvement by providing a confidential and trustable platform for disability service providers to benchmark their services across Australia.


The opportunity for participating organisations to uncover and share innovations and service improvements rapidly accelerates efficiency and effectiveness of services, leading to better service outcomes for customers.


The Ability Roundtable hosts multiple benchmarking activities, with a particular focus on service benchmarking. For example, allied health services, or shared independent living services. It collects, analyses and publishes information comparing organisations to identify ways to improve operational practice.


Benchmarked data includes:

• Individual client and staff characteristics (de-identified)

• Detailed service characteristics

• Business and high level organisational data

• Outcome data


This enables powerful and nuanced analysis of service performance. By focusing on positive and significant differences through benchmarking members gain insight into the drivers of service success, which can then be incorporated into their operations.


Dialogue between members is facilitated through annual national meetings, detailed reports, webinars and teleconferences to share learnings and to link benchmarked data to real world experience. Shared best practice initiatives and targeted one-off benchmarking opportunities are also a common output from the Roundtable.


Our vision is a disability sector that creates and captures value through data-driven communities of practice. These communities of practice will drive innovation and service improvement at a rate that cannot be achieved by organisations working in isolation. This in turn will lead to better outcomes and better value for people with disability and their families.